4 Ways You Can Stop Your Snoring

Has your partner often complained about your snoring? It’s a big embarrassment to be told frequently to snore less as it disturbs your partner’s sleep as well. Here are some tips you can work on to have a snore-less sleep.

  1. A change in lifestyle might help: Your body weight is one of the reasons behind your snoring. Being overweight or having too much body fat can make you snore. Therefore, losing those extra kilos might help you sleep without snoring.
  2. Be hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you drink water even before the bedtime to get rid of a dry throat. A dried throat can make you feel uneasy and be the cause behind you getting up during the night. So, to have a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated!
  3. Make adjustment to your eating habits: Schedule your dinner time a bit early. Avoid late night and heavy dinners at home. Other than this, dodge cold foods and dairy products as they tend to create more mucus and might block breathing pathways.
  4. Change your sleeping style: If you sleep on your back you might need to change this habit. Sleeping on your sides can make a dramatic difference to your snoring habit. It has been found that side sleepers snore significantly less than those who sleep on their back.

Snoring occasionally is not a serious health issue, but can be reduced with the help of some lifestyle changes. It could be another issue if these tips don’t work out for you and in that case, you need to seek medical help. Since heavy snoring is indirectly related to some health concerns, it should not be taken lightly. Hence, do seek doctor’s advice to get a good night’s sleep.