7 Facts about Contact Lenses You Need to Know!

Hate wearing glasses? Doesn’t go with your look? Or in a desperate need of a makeover? ‘Contact lenses’ is the answer to all your problems. Are you still afraid to use them as you think they might damage your eyes? It’s time you clear your doubts regarding contact lenses, as they are completely harmless when used properly.


Following facts about them might help you get familiar with them –

  1. Anyone can wear contact lenses – Yes, you can wear lenses, irrespective of your age. Different types of lenses are available in the market based on your specification. For example, there are now bifocal contact lenses for people with presbyopia, and soft lenses that correct astigmatism. And the good part is that they are affordable enough that fits your pocket.
  2. Lenses are not going to get lost behind your eyes – A lot of people have this fear. There is a thin membrane in your eyes known as conjunctiva which covers the white part of your eyes and connects to the inside of your eyelids, which makes it impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind your eyes.
  3. Lenses are totally comfortable – You might feel different during the initial few days, but, with time you will get used to it and probably won’t even realise that you have them in your eyes.  You might feel irritating due to other reasons such as expired lenses or dust in your eyes.
  4. You can remove lenses whenever you want– Lenses are easy to use, removable and an affordable way to make you look different. You should just get away with the fear that they can get permanently stuck to eyes. However, on drying out they might stick to the surface of your eyes but can be easily taken out by re-moistening them with the solution.
  5. Lenses do not require much care – After the adaptation period, one gets used to it and can carry lenses without much problem. They can be carried anywhere with their cases and the solution bottle. You can even choose between daily disposable lenses or 30 day extended contact lenses.
  6. Lenses can cause eye infections – Though contact lenses may increase the risk of certain eye infections, but with the doctor’s advice on how to care for your lenses, how long to wear them and how frequently you should replace them, wearing contacts lenses is very safe.
  7. Lenses can be worn by people of any age – Think you are too old to wear lenses? Wrong! With the latest advancement in lens technology like bifocal lenses and lenses specially designed for dry eyes, advancing age is no longer the barrier to wearing contact lenses.
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Lenses are a good option for those who are scared of getting their eyes operated and don’t consider it as a good option. Though lenses can help you get rid of glasses and get some attention due to the change in your look, you should always opt for things you’re most comfortable in. Moreover, if you decide to wear lenses or go without them, regular eye check-ups and following the instructions from an eye specialist are always highly recommended for everyone.