7 Surprising Facts About Cholesterol

The cholesterol numbers of an individual can tell a lot about his health, especially their potential risk for heart diseases. Think you know all about this waxy, fat-like substance found in your cells? Think again! We’re sure you wouldn’t have known these facts about cholesterol ever before.

1. It’s impossible to live without cholesterol – We all have cholesterol in our bodies since our birth. It is essential for the proper functioning of our hormones and cells. In fact, it also acts as a building block for the body’s cell. It helps the liver to make acids which are required to process fat.

2. One in three individuals has high cholesterol – High cholesterol is the main culprit of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Nowadays the average age of people affected by heart diseases has also reduced. At least 75% of India’s population have abnormal levels of cholesterol. Hence, people in their 20s should get their cholesterol checked regularly.

3. High cholesterol can be hereditary – Genetics is the main influencing factor for high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. In fact, only 25% of cholesterol is due to diet and other lifestyle factors while 74% of cholesterol is due to genes.

4. Children too can have high cholesterol – Contrary to what most of us think that high cholesterol is an adult issue, children too get affected by it. As suggested by the National Health Institute, kids should get a cholesterol screening starting at the age of 10.

5. Sweating can make your good cholesterol rise – Health experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily to fight bad cholesterol. As resulted in a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, high-intensity interval training for three weeks was associated with an increase of women’s HDL levels by 21 percent and lowered their triglycerides by 18 percent.

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6. High cholesterol is visible – Those reddish-yellowish bumps or patches on your skin (known as Xanthomas in medical terms) are a sign of high cholesterol. They vary in size and can appear anywhere on the body. They are more likely to be seen in older people or those who have diabetes.

7. Women have fluctuating cholesterol levels during their lifetime – Women may experience a roller coaster ride in their cholesterol levels over their lifespan. Pregnant women may have high cholesterol to support baby’s brain development. However, they may come back to normal post-pregnancy. As they age, their LDL level gradually goes up and their HDL levels decline.
It’s important to get your cholesterol checked at regular intervals to take steps for prevention and treatment. Book a test now to know about your HDL (good), LDL (bad) or triglyceride levels. To get hassle-free, lab-like tests at home, call – 011-30611467/432.