Benefits of Ash Gourd Juice in Empty Stomach

Ash gourd, also called winter melon or white pumpkin, is very good for you. Drinking its juice has many health benefits like keeping you hydrated and helping digestion. The ash gourd plant grows in warm, humid places like Japan, India, and China. Ash gourd is a melon-like fruit which has numerous health benefits. But always drink ash gourd juice in small amounts for good health.

Ash Gourd Juice Nutritional Value

Certainly! Here’s a table outlining the nutritional value of ash gourd juice per 100 grams:

NutrientAmount per 100g
Calories13 kcal
Water96.1 g
Protein0.4 g
Fat0.1 g
Carbohydrates3.0 g
Dietary Fiber0.5 g
Sugars1.9 g
Vitamin C20 mg
Vitamin A40 IU
Calcium19 mg
Iron0.3 mg
Magnesium10 mg
Phosphorus13 mg
Potassium150 mg
Sodium3 mg
Ash Gourd Juice Nutritional Value

Please note that the values can vary slightly based on the source and preparation method of the ash gourd juice.

Benefits of drinking ash gourd juice

Helps in hydration        It has 96% of water. It helps to stay hydrated in warm weather. 
Anti-inflammatoryIts anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for treating inflammation-related illnesses.
Lowers blood sugar levelsAsh gourd juice can help reduce blood sugar levels and is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, B complex, calcium, iron, and magnesium.
Treats respiratory issuesBronchitis and asthma can be treated. 
Benefits of drinking ash gourd juice

What are the benefits of drinking ash gourd juice on an empty stomach?

Improved detoxificationAsh gourd juice helps to detox the body by helping to remove toxins and waste products.
Better digestionHaving ash gourd juice on an empty stomach prepares your digestive system for the day, aiding in digestion, regular bowel movements, and the release of digestive enzymes.
Weight management aidIts low-calorie and high-water content can assist in weight management efforts by keeping you hydrated and fulfilling your morning water needs.
Energy boost from natural sugars The natural sugars in ash gourd juice can give you a small energy boost in the morning, making you feel more awake and alert.
What are the benefits of drinking ash gourd juice on an empty stomach?

Can we drink ash gourd juice daily?

Ash gourd juice is good to have in moderation every day. Ash gourd juice is good for you, but don’t depend only on it for all your nutrition. Eat a variety of healthy foods for overall health. Before making big changes to your diet, talk to a professional for advice.

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Ash gourd juice can help remove toxins due to its diuretic effect, which increases urine output. It might also aid digestion and relieve constipation because of its dietary fiber.

It supports collagen formation and fights oxidative stress, benefiting your skin with its vitamins and antioxidants.

Who cannot drink ash gourd juice?

Additional points to consider:

– Digestive Issues: Ash gourd should be avoided by individuals experiencing digestive discomfort like bloating, gas, or stomach upset, as it may worsen these symptoms.

– Dehydration Risk: People who are severely dehydrated should steer clear of ash gourd juice, as it could lead to further fluid loss.

– Diabetics: Diabetics need to be cautious with ash gourd juice consumption and should monitor their blood sugar levels regularly due to its potential impact on blood sugar levels.

– Allergies or Sensitivities: Like any food, ash gourds may cause allergies or sensitivities in some individuals. It’s crucial to be attentive to any adverse reactions and discontinue use if discomfort arises.

– Drug Interactions: Ash gourd juice might interact with certain prescription medications, especially those with diuretic effects or affecting blood sugar levels. Consult your doctor before incorporating ash gourd juice into your regular diet if you are taking any medications.

What is the best time to have ash gourd juice?

Experts recommend drinking ash gourd juice in the early morning before eating anything. This is because its nutrients are absorbed better and it’s good for digestion when your stomach is empty.

How to use ash gourd juice? 

Ash gourd juice has important nutrients for good health and can be used in various ways:

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– You can eat raw ash gourd fruit, like cucumber, or boil it with meat.

– It’s used in making ice cream, jams, ketchup, drinks, and cakes.

– The peeled, immature fruit can be stir-fried, braised, or steamed, and used in spiced foods.

– It’s used to make sweet candy (Petha) and nuggets (Bari).

– Herbal gruel and chutney are made from the fruit pulp.

– Ash gourd stems are fried and eaten like chips or papad.


Incorporating ash gourd juice into your morning routine can offer a multitude of health benefits. From detoxifying the body and enhancing digestive health to aiding in weight management and boosting hydration, this natural elixir is a powerhouse of wellness. Drinking ash gourd juice on an empty stomach maximizes its effectiveness, allowing your body to absorb its nutrients more efficiently. Additionally, its benefits for skin health, immunity, and maintaining an alkaline balance make it a valuable addition to any health regimen. As with any health practice, it’s important to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or pre-existing conditions. Embrace the simplicity and potency of ash gourd juice, and experience the positive impact it can have on your overall health and well-being.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What happens if you drink ash gourd juice everyday?

A1: Ash gourd juice is good for your tummy because it has lots of fiber. This fiber helps make your gut healthy by growing good bacteria and preventing issues like tummy aches, constipation, and gas. Also, it keeps your colon clean by removing bad stuff from your body.

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Q2: What are the disadvantages of ash gourd?

A2: Ash gourd has something called oxalate, which can cause problems. Research says eating a lot of oxalate can keep more calcium in your body. Based on what I’ve seen, eating too much of this vegetable can lead to kidney stones.

Q3: Does ash gourd juice reduce belly fat?

A3: Drinking ash gourd juice can help you lose weight because it makes you feel full and has few calories. It’s a great idea to have ash gourd juice in the morning for its benefits.