How To Trick Your Brain To Curb Those Cravings

We all have cravings for our favorite foods, indulging ourselves into overeating and then regretting it later. Boredom is one of its biggest culprits, others being emotional issues, hormonal reasons or dehydration, etc. Everyone knows there are times when cravings get the better of us, but there are ways that might help fight them. We have come up with some simple tricks that might help in staving off the unnecessary hunger that slows us down and affects our weight-loss efforts.

1. Drink Water – On many occasions our brain gets confused between hunger and thirst. So the next time you crave for something, drink a glass of water and see if you still feel hungry. If you don’t feel hungry afterwards, it means you were thirsty, not hungry.

2. Increase your protein intake – Proteins help in reducing the appetite and hence the cravings. Nutritionists and dieticians recommend a high protein diet, especially breakfast, to all those who are working out to lose weight as it helps them feel full and satisfied for a longer duration.

3. Spinach extract – A study shows that this green juice made from spinach leaves decreases hunger by up to 95% and also helps in weight loss. It basically reduces the level of hormones that play a role in appetite and hunger.

4. Distract yourself – Cravings typically last for 5-10 minutes. And for those few minutes, you need to put a stop to your chain of thoughts about food. So, the next time you crave for your favorite ice cream or chocolate, try distracting your mind by calling a friend or listening to some music you like.

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5. Chew Gum – Chewing gum is a good option to keep your cravings under control. Many dieticians advise that popping a sugar-free gum in your mouth can help in eliminating your food imagination.

6. Brush your teeth – If you’re at home, brushing your teeth at odd hours is one of the tricks to avoid snacking. It tricks your brain into thinking something sweet has been ingested. You will not only stave off hunger by this trick, but also have clean teeth and fresh breath.

7. Go for low-calorie foods – If you still can’t outsmart your cravings, make healthier food choices like low-calorie products. For instance, if you’re craving a chocolate bar, instead go for a nutrition rich bar which is tasty as well as healthy. Furthermore, you can also cut down on the quantity you eat.