Tips for having a low cholesterol / Saturated fat-free diet for a healthy year

“Eat good and be healthy!” As simple as it sounds, the benefits of eating healthy and nutritious food are extraordinary. Modern lifestyle has induced lifestyle diseases that are not confined just to adult or aged people; but youngsters as well .

High Cholesterol is one such affliction of an unstable and unhealthy lifestyle. Cholesterol is a set of molecules called lipids which helps form healthy cells. But, a high cholesterol level in the body is a code red—it leads to the formation of thick layers in the blood carrying vessels and in the worst-case scenario, it blocks the blood passageway completely.

There are numerous diseases associated with high cholesterol such as stroke, brain haemorrhage, cardiovascular arrest, hypertension, and type-2 diabetes. These diseases are lethal if left unchecked. The leading cause is an obstruction in blood flow to the organs due to an excess layer of cholesterol in the arteries or blood vessels. 

Reasons for high Cholesterol

A regular diet includes food with suitable fibres, proteins, unsaturated fat (at optimum level) and other nutritious elements. Saturated fats are by-products of animal fats, full-fat dairy, packaged food, the regular snacks like a burger, pizzas and fried foods rich in salt. Although home-cooked food consists of healthy fat and proteins, overconsumption of saturated fat, salty and oily food daily could lead to high cholesterol formation. Though, high cholesterol can be genetic as well, but it is usually caused due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

Only eating and never jogging, adds worries! It is an outright truth that an unhealthy habit of overeating and no physical activity leads to constant overweight problems, which comes with many health-related issues and high cholesterol formation, is one of them! Thus, apart from choosing your food correctly, it’s also essential to align your physical activity with your daily chores.

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Measures to mind

As the famous saying prevails, “prevention is better than cure”; it is imperative to imbibe healthy habits to prevent and avoid this life-threatening phenomenon. Though a high cholesterol level challenges your life with increasing medication and preventive (bland) foods, the under-given measures could check your blood cholesterol level and give you and your family smiling faces.

Torchbearer of your home

Ladies, you rule the household! Make sure that you and your family sustain good health. If you love cooking, you can tear apart the old generational recipes of fake contentment. Include dishes with soluble fibres (green veggies, boiled chicken), fruits rich in vitamins, unsaturated fats (plant-based oil), omega-3 fats (fish oil), and fat-free dairy products in your new menu. You can substitute saturated fat products with unsaturated fat and reduce the use of salt and sugar. The soluble fibres in fruits like banana are good for cholesterol, they check its growth in blood vessels and provides no blockage in blood flows.

Inculcate good habits

Educate your family about healthy lifestyle choices. It’s meaningless to frown upon bad habits and not understate the reason for choosing them; instead, discuss and explain the demerits of the unhealthy option. Smoking and consumption of alcohol become a part of the lifestyle through media influence, and later become a habit. However, proper education of their demerits at an early age could raise bright and healthy citizens.

Exercise is a must 

A modern woman is an integral asset to a healthy family. She is career-oriented and is a visionary who checks the stability of the family by keeping herself fit and healthy. ! It’s essential to take at least 30 mins off from the usual chaotic routine and practise some rejuvenating physical exercise. It stabilizes the blood flow in the body, burns out excess fat and makes you ready for your daily routine.

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These are some standard measures that you could adapt to anytime but getting a health check-up once or twice a year is essential. These include simple blood tests that help you monitor your cholesterol and other health parameters. “Your awareness and care about your body, shapes your lifestyle!”