What Makes You A Mosquito Magnet?

Do you ever feel you’re one of the special ones being targeted by mosquitoes while they seem to avoid others in a group? Have you ever wondered the reasons behind this loving behavior of mosquitoes towards you?

The following factors have been identified that contribute to making a person more attractive to these mini monsters:

  1. Sweat – Mosquitoes are fond of high humid places as they need water to reproduce. So the people who sweat more, especially after exercising vigorously, make them more attractive to mosquitoes.
  2. Dark clothing – Studies show that mosquitoes are more attracted towards darker colors. As they can see and set their target from a distance, people wearing dark-colored clothes are best target.
  3. Your breath – It’s clear that mosquitoes don’t bite randomly. Instead, they set their victim by following a steady output of carbon dioxide. It’s found that mosquitoes can detect CO2 from more than 150 meters away. And that’s why the higher concentration of CO2 offers an initial temptation to the hungry mosquitoes.
  4. Drinking alcohol – According to a study, alcohol ingestion stimulates mosquito attraction and makes your blood tastier for them. Also, alcohol makes your body temperature rise, which also helps in attracting mosquitoes.
  5. Blood Type – According to studies, people with blood type O are much more attractive to mosquitoes than people with blood group other than type O.
  6. Pregnant women – A study found that pregnant women attracted twice as many mosquitoes as compared to non-pregnant women. There can be many reasons to this. Firstly, a pregnant woman exhales more carbon dioxide than a non-pregnant woman. And secondly, their body temperature is also high as compared to others. And finally, they have more blood circulating through her body than the average person.