7 Secrets to a Healthier Smile

A Smile is the first impression a person sees when they meet someone. Besides that, it also shows how friendly the person is and his/her confidence level. When you smile, your teeth get the maximum attention, so keeping them healthy is very important and great for your overall oral hygiene.

So, here are some tips for good oral health:

  1. Regular visits to a dentist Though it is essential to visit a dentist twice a year, it is recommended that adults should see a dentist after every 90 days. It is because the bacteria that get cleaned out during a check up can re-colonized after 3 months. It might hurt your pocket, but it’s totally worth it.
  1. Delaying checkups until absolutely necessaryMost dental issues are usually asymptomatic with no pain in the initial phase, but in the later stages, the pain along with other symptoms increases rapidly. Dental issues like Cavities and gum disease are painless in the initial stages, but become painful over a short period of time. Therefore, it is advised not to wait until the last moment, but instead visit your dentist on a regular basis.
  1. Get whiter teeth through your diet – If you are a red wine or black tea drinker or smoke regularly, then don’t expect your teeth to be pearly white. Other culprits for pale teeth are colas, gravies and dark juices. The bottom line is that foods which are dark in color may stain your teeth and cause their color to fade. Brush immediately or eat an apple for a convenient tooth-cleaning action.
  1. Chuck your toothbrush Replace your toothbrush after every 2-3 months. Choose a soft bristle toothbrush as it is recommended by most dentists. Maintain a habit of brushing twice a day, first when you get out of the bed and before you get into bed at night.
  1. Clean your tongue – We encounter so many people with bad breath on a daily basis and it’s very embarrassing. One major cause of bad breath is the build of bacteria on your tongue. So, to freshen your breath and to remove tongue plaque, use a tongue scraper every morning. It’s even more effective than brushing your tongue with a toothbrush.
  1. Gargle with apple cider vinegar – Do this every morning before brushing your teeth. It will help in removing stains from the teeth and kill the bacteria in your mouth and gums.
  1. Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week – Brushing your teeth with baking soda once every week will help remove stains and whiten your teeth. Use it just like you would use your toothpaste. One can also use salt as an alternative to toothpaste.
  1. Stay fresh – Other than regular brushing, use mouthwash to stay fresh any time of the day. You check the freshness of your breath by licking your palm an\d smelling it while it is still wet. If it doesn’t smell good, then it’s time to use the mouthwash! Make sure you choose an alcohol-free mouthwash since too much alcohol in your mouthwash can dry out the tissues in your mouth, making them more susceptible to the bacteria.
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Don’t let your smile fade away. Keep these things in mind while taking care of your oral health.