8 Steps towards a Healthy Summer

Summer is already here and you know what that means, we got to be summer healthy.

Check out the tips below and let’s get ready for a healthy summer –


  1. Get merry with berries – Give your diet a berry boost by having a cup of mixed berries—blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries every day. These berries are known to top the charts in antioxidant power, protecting your body against inflammation and free radicals. They are also rich in fiber, which helps in lowering the cholesterol level and may even play a role in reducing the risk of some cancers.
  2. Plant a garden to do away with stress – Potted plants around the home and office greatly improves people’s mood and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression and helps in better concentration.
  3. Floss daily – Most of us forget about flossing or are unaware of its importance. However, flossing improves the overall health of the body by reducing oral bacteria. It helps clean the gap between your teeth so that you’re less likely to get gum infections or cavities from bacteria build-up.
  4. Move out to exercise – Winters are officially over and gone are the days of lazy mornings. Summer is the perfect time to improve your health as you can pick up an interesting outdoor activity to lose those extra pounds which you gained in the winters. You can pick activities like, hiking, swimming, cycling or taking a nature walk.
  5. Taking care of your eyes – Hot summer months and outdoor activities are a favorite treat of the season, but can take a toll on our eyes. A good pair of sunglasses looks after your eyes by keeping the excessive sunlight, dust and heat at bay.
  6. It is vacation time – Traveling the world and exploring new places can definitely change your life. But, it can also make you a healthier and a better version of yourself. It has been found to lower the risk of heart attack and death from coronary disease. And it also creates a great bonding time between family and friends. So, what’s your next destination?
  7. Go light on the alcohol –Too much alcohol can increase the risk dehydration. Swap alcohol with other cool and healthy alternatives for a perfect summer time.
  8. Skin care in summers – Since it’s the season where you would be spending most of your time outside your home, it’s necessary to take care of your skin. Exposure to the sun for long duration can lead to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and marks. Add a layer of sunscreen whenever you go out accompanied with a hat to avoid direct sun rays.
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So, these are 8 simple steps to boost your health this summer. Have a happy and a healthy summer!