Common Health Issues Ignored By Men

Check out some health issues that men usually encounter and should definitely go for a health check-up if they see any of these symptoms:

  1. Chest pain – Most of the times we associate chest pain with heart attack, but there may be several other issues that share this symptom. For instance, pneumonia and asthma are also linked with constant chest pain. Moreover, there are conditions, such as acid reflux or stomach ulcer, which cause severe chest pain. One should immediately consult his doctor for the proper course of action.
  1. Breathlessness – A lot of men complain of breathlessness which is an indication of serious health concerns related to the cardiovascular system. It is also a symptom of lung diseases, such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary  disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma or pulmonary hypertension.
  1. Fatigue – Men often complain of lack of energy and motivation (both physical and mental or both) on a regular basis.  Though it is mainly a symptom and not a disease, it shouldn’t be ignored as it is linked to serious physical and psychological health conditions. Congestive heart failure, liver disease, arthritis, anemia, diabetes are some of them.
  1. Depression – As men undergo a lot of stress, fulfilling expectations from their family and society, this makes them more prone to depression. It may cause them to become withdrawn or to feel irritable, aggressive or hostile. Clinical depression is linked to mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia and anxiety.
  1. Memory loss – Forgetfulness indicates serious health issues like Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, brain damage or inflammation, etc. Studies show that men are more likely to develop age-related cognitive impairments that often cause memory loss.
  1. Urinary crisis – Just like women, men also undergo genital issues which they largely ignore. Having trouble while urinating or observing blood in the urine can be a serious concern as it is linked to kidney and lung disorders. Bloody urine is a noted symptom of prostate cancer, kidney stone, and inflammation of the bladder.
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So, dear men, if you have any of these symptoms or issues, you are advised to schedule a health check today. If you are ignoring your health constantly, this may lead to further complications and affect your life adversely.