Gearing Up for The New Year’s Eve

The party season is here again! Are you ready to get drunk and groove to the latest tunes? Or, are you scared that this party season is going to spoil all your efforts to stay fit and healthy? Don’t you worry, we are here to tell you how you can get the most of the New Year’s party without compromising on your health targets. Let’s look at some expert tips you can follow for an exciting as well as healthy New Year’s party.

  1. Remain focussed – As Christmas and New Year come only once a year, indulging in food and drinks during parties may not seem to be a big deal. But in order to achieve a healthy BMI, you should still practice the principles of healthy eating to reduce the risk of unwanted weight gain. Besides, try to maintain your daily workout routine.
  2. Avoid alcohol – Yeah yeah…this is too much to ask for, that too on the occasion of New Year’s eve. But, it is important to watch your alcohol consumption, particularly if you suffer from a neurological condition. If you are on certain medication, we suggest you to go for mocktails that are made without alcohol. C’mon, you don’t have to get drunk in order to welcome New Year.
  3. Don’t skip meals – Don’t let your social calendar thwart all your efforts. You might be tempted to skip lunch or dinner in an attempt to keep your room for party food, but it may backfire! Skipping meal is a bad idea since it may lead to extreme hunger and you may end up eating more than you intended. Even at the party, try to do a mercy on yourself by keeping in mind the calories of the food you are eating. Getting enough sleep is also important for a fresh new day.
  4. Don’t drive after drinking – A lot of cases are registered of drinking and driving on the New Year’s eve. It’s likewise a major cause of accidents on this day. Here are few things you can do to avoid drinking and driving on the New Year’s eve.Drink-and-drive
  5. Post party recovery plan – Celebrations with lots of boozing can take a serious toll on your health. Waking up with puffy and swollen eyes on the next morning is one thing you might like to avoid. Moreover, too much alcohol can result in excessive dehydration in the body and also make the blood pressure to rise above the normal levels. Here are some tips to detoxify your body post any party.
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While you certainly want to enjoy the food and drink, you don’t want to compromise on your health targets too. Hope this article helps you in planning your New Year’s party while keeping your health at priority.

We wish that every day of the New Year be filled with success, happiness and good health for you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!