How to Beat Air Pollution

The national capital, Delhi is ranked poorly in terms of emission levels which in turn has lowered the quality of air. Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads will definitely help in reducing pollution levels.


According to a report published in 2010 by the American Heart Association, air pollution has been linked to a number of health issues, particularly in heart and lung. Fine particles from burning coal, diesel, fuel and wood can get deep into the lungs and spread to blood vessels across the body. These particles can aggravate asthma, increase coughing, decrease lung efficiency, increase risk of bronchitis, headaches, lead to irregular heartbeats, nonfatal heart attacks, and premature death among people with a history of heart or lung diseases.

Though everyone is affected by air pollution, the segments of the population that are particularly at risk include:

  • People with asthma
  • People with heart disease
  • People with respiratory diseases
  • Children
  • Working population
  • Older population
  • People with diabetes
  • Pregnant women

Here are some tips to protect you and your family from the dangerous effects of air pollution:

  1. Researching about air pollution levels in your area. Do you know that there are even apps available which can tell you about the daily pollution forecast in your area. You can find such info on apps like Global Air Quality, Air Quality Index etc. So, before stepping out checking the pollution level can be a good call.
  2. Avoid exercising outdoors when pollution levels are high. Go for exercises that you can do while staying indoors. Limit the time of staying outside for children as well.
  3. Use energy star products since they are environment friendly and release less pollution.
  4. Air pollution is highest during the daytime, so plan your outdoor activities in the early morning or late evening.
  5. Include antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables as they can help shield your body from the damaging effects of free radicals created by air pollution.
  6. To limit pollution in your home, consider purchasing an indoor air purifier.
  7. Avoid smoking in your home, especially if you have children.
  8. Use public transport or shared conveyance to reach to your office/home and help in reducing air pollution level.
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With a little extra effort, you and your family can breathe cleaner air and enjoy better health because of it.