Best Time to Drink Beetroot and Carrot Juice: Regular Consumption – Treasure of Health

Dear health enthusiasts – welcome to our “OncQuest Labs” blog page. Everyone must have heard the saying “Health is wealth” since childhood and there are many ways to increase this wealth, one of which is a simple and tasty way – “Beetroot and carrot juice”. This healthy juice not only refreshes your day and provides energy for daily activities but also leads you to a healthy lifestyle so that you can live a long and healthy life.

Morning juice, energy for the whole day” – You must have heard this saying which is perfect for this juice in today’s busy life.

Through this article, I am giving you complete information related to this nectar-like, refreshing, and energetic drink “Beetroot and Carrot Juice Benefits”. Read this full article and learn the benefits of beetroot juice and carrot juice or a mixture of both in your health, what is the right time to drink beetroot and carrot juice, who should not take this drink, etc. If you face any problem in understanding any information then you can ask us your questions through your comments.

Start Your Morning with a Refreshing Energy Drink

If you drink a glass of beetroot or carrot juice with the first rays of the morning it not only gives your body all the essential nutrients that revive your energy after a night’s sleep but also helps you in maintaining strength for the whole day’s work. After complete sleep at night, every person feels a little lazy in the morning.

This drink will not only give you instant energy but also help in increasing the amount of water in the body. If you take this juice with your breakfast in the morning you will feel refreshed throughout the day. Also, this juice is crucial with increasing age. In old age drinking beetroot or carrot juice in the morning increases the power to fight diseases and helps in proper blood circulation in the body.

Get Instant Energy and Vigour after Exercise with Carrot Juice.

After a good workout session, heavy workout, or yoga – exercise, when your muscles feel tired a glass of fresh beetroot and carrot juice gives you an instant boost and energy. Often our energy gets exhausted after exercising or doing heavy exercise in such a situation. This juice gives instant freshness and strength so that you can continue with the day ahead and complete all your work.

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This drink is often given and recommended to players by their nutritionists. Not only this but it also strengthens the muscles of the body and also helps other elements of the body in rebuilding any muscle when it gets damaged. This juice proves to be very effective in increasing blood in the body and also in keeping its secretion proper. Besides, it also helps prevent diseases caused by the lack of blood in the body thereby preventing fatal diseases caused by lack of blood like anaemia.

Beetroot and Carrot Juice: Elixir of Complete Health

As we all know the morning time is a symbol of new energy and freshness for everyone. Drinking beetroot and carrot juice at this time can give various benefits. This juice not only boosts your energy but helps to develop a healthy body. Check out the benefits:

  • New Energy Infusion in the Body: Nitrates present in beetroot increase the energy level in the body. It helps you to feel energetic and fresh.
  • Helpful in food digestion: Carrot fiber keeps your digestive system smooth. People who are having tummy issues can get help with this drink.
  • Skin glow: The abundance of vitamins A and C in both vegetables brightens the skin.

Helpful in weight management & reducing it

This beetroot and carrot juice is also useful in weight loss. It is a remedy for overweight people. Drinking beetroot juice or carrot juice helps to cut the fat in the body. The reasons behind this are:

  • Low in calories: This juice is low in calories which helps in weight control. Apart from calories, it contains various other vitamins and nutrients.
  • Increase in metabolism: Nitrates present in beetroot increase metabolism which helps in weight loss. As we all know, a high metabolism is the key factor for being fatter.
  • Reduces appetite: Carrot fibre reduces appetite thereby avoiding unnecessary snacking. It helps to fill your tummy with the necessary minerals.

Enhances Skin Beauty: Necessary Elements Filling

Guys, on the other hand, this beetroot and carrot juice is also very beneficial for the skin. Its consumption improves the skin and keeps the skin healthy. This juice contains rich vitamin that makes your skin glow and non-wrinkled. Here are the effects of this juice:

  • Anti-aging effect: The antioxidants present in it protect the skin from wrinkles and the effects of age. It gives a new glow and shines to your face.
  • Body detoxification: It also contains detoxification properties of beetroot cleanses the skin and brings a glow. The regular use of this drink helps in body cleansing.
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Improves Heart Health: Get Healthy Vitamins & Minerals

Apart from the above body benefits of beetroot and carrot juice, this is also beneficial for the heart. Its regular consumption improves heart health. People having heart problems can add this to their daily diet to give the best care to their heart.

  1. Controlling blood pressure: Nitrates present in beetroot reduce blood pressure. It helps to maintain the blood flow in the body. Also, this juice keeps your blood clean.
  2. Lowering cholesterol: Carrots contain fiber which reduces cholesterol. This process reduces the chance of heart attacks at young ages. It helps to open the blockages in blood flow.

Dear readers, with these benefits, beetroot and carrot juice is an elixir for your health. Include it in your daily lifestyle and stay healthy. This given content is for general information and is not a substitute for personal health advice. It is advisable to consult a health expert before making any dietary changes. 

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Afternoon vs Evening Consumption: Best Time to Drink It

Drinking juice in the afternoon or evening has its importance. Drinking juice in the afternoon gives you relief from the tiredness of the day while drinking juice in the evening helps detoxify the body before dinner.

Understanding Nutritional Value in Juice

Beetroot and carrot juice is a nutrition-rich drink. Daily drinking of this juice gives high nutrition. Check out its nutritional values in the table below:

  • Nutrients – Beetroot – Carrot
  • Calories – 43 kcal – 41 kcal
  • Protein – 1.6 g – 0.9 g
  • Fibre – 2.8 g 2.8 g
  • Vitamin C – 6 mg – 5.9 mg
  • Vitamin A – 20 mcg – 835 mcg

In this way, beetroot and carrot juice can be included in your daily life as a healthy habit. It not only provides you with freshness but also gives essential nutrition to your body. “Health is wealth” – make this saying meaningful by drinking beetroot and carrot juice.

Please Note: The above information is based on common sense and it would be advisable to consult a doctor for individual health conditions. For a complete health check contact Oncquest Labs.

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Precautions While drinking beetroot and carrot juice

Please note that beetroot and carrot juice is harmful to some people. Its consumption is also prohibited for diabetic patients. While drinking it, you must take some precautions which are as follows:

  • Consume only fresh juice: 

Keep in mind that you should always drink fresh juice and avoid stale juice. In stale juice, all the vitamins get destroyed and deadly viruses make it their home.

  • Pay special attention to the quantity: 

Also keep in mind that juice in large quantities is not good for health. Always avoid drinking excessive amounts of juice, it can be harmful to the body.

  • Be sure to get allergy tested: 

Some people may be allergic to beetroot or carrot, this could be due to any reason. The sugar and other elements present in it can cause allergies for many people, so check for allergies before consuming.

  • Be careful of combination with other medications: 

If you are taking any medications, consult a doctor before drinking the juice. Often the components of the juice and leaves of a particular disease can affect each other’s effect. Therefore you must talk to your doctor first.

By following these precautions regularly, you can safely consume beetroot and carrot juice. If you keep all these things in mind, then you will remain fresh by consuming it and can also enjoy its health benefits. If you take any antibiotics then this juice is safe for you.

Final Words;

In a colorful spread of health and wellness, the red color of beetroot and the orange color of carrot combine to create a drink of vitality. This nectar, steeped in the goodness of nature, is not just a feast for the senses but a boon for the body. Through the story of these simple roots, we discovered that their juice is not just a drink; It is a symphony of nutrients dancing to the rhythm of life.

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